As if there’s not enough going on

Once we had our house sold (we think), I made my moving plans based on a conversation I had last year with our retirement people. That person said that because my insurance covered me for the entire month, and I was turning 65 in November, I could retire October 1 and be covered until October 31, with Medicare kicking in November 1. Since October 1 is a Saturday, I assumed that meant October 3.

I didn’t go back to the retirement organization until today because we have been up in the air about a retirement date with the house sale not being quite settled. However, this weekend my husband and I decided I should just retire on time, and we would use the money from the sale of our Ft. Davis property to tide us over if the house deal fell through. We think that is unlikely. It is more likely that they will try to renegotiate unless they find something serious wrong with the house, which we don’t expect. Well, we expect them to try to renegotiate, but there is nothing serious that we know of.

So, today I went to the agency that handles our retirement, the same one that told me I could retire October 1, and the first thing they told me was that our insurance that is part of my retirement package would not cover me until December 1, since I turn 65 in November. So, that means I either have to depend on Medicare fully for November or spend more than $600 on Cobra. And Medicare takes several months to kick in. She said it should come through in February.

Be your own retirement counselor? Fat chance!
Be your own retirement counselor? Fat chance!

During that conversation, I was told that the retirement people didn’t care what day in October I retired (which I have to do, since we are supposed to be out of our house by October 15). But when I took a form that my husband needs for Medicare to our HR folks, they told me that our retirement office only retires people the last day of the month, so I can’t retire October 3. It turns out that is not exactly correct. I can resign then and take an itty bitty paycheck, and go on the books as retiring October 31, but I have to wait until I have made enough money during the month to pay for my cut of the insurance, which is not October 3. I explained about the house, and we picked out October 5 as being a better date.

The retirement people had told me I could use vacation until the end of the month if I wanted to, but it turns out that my agency doesn’t allow me to do that. Now I have to go back and see if submitting my retirement letter would disallow me for the week of vacation I already have approved for next week.

It’s not like I don’t have enough to think about, is it?


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