At home in Washington

I realize I haven’t been good about keeping this blog updated since we arrived in Washington, even though it was my intent to have it continue. So, let me talk about where we live.

As you drive to our house, you turn onto the last of a series of mostly two-lane highways or roads that wind through a rural landscape. There are lots of farms and cows, horses, and a few goats. A dairy, several Christmas tree farms. But when you turn on the last major road before our little street, you start climbing immediately and move into deeper forest. Of course, there are still homes and farms, but they are farther between, and the trees are larger and coated with moss.

Then you turn down our little one-lane gravel road. We are part of a small neighborhood of maybe seven or eight houses (I haven’t driven all the way down to see). They are far enough apart. We can see the lights of only three from the back of our house at night. The road twists among the trees. Then you turn right at the hydrangea bush, go up a steepish hill, and you’re at our house.

It’s been raining most of the time, and it’s pretty cold for someone who has lived in Texas for 30 years. I have wimped out in Texas, I find, because sometimes I get in bed just to warm up. But I am happy to get out of the relentless heat and sunshine that is Austin most of the time. I’ll unwimp at some point.

Behind the house and above the pond, a bit of sunshine peeps through.
Behind the house and above the pond, a bit of sunshine peeps through.

We are still busy unpacking. On Friday guys come to lay a carpet in the daylight basement where our guest room and family room and my husband’s office/storage room will be. Once the carpet is down, I hope to be able to move a lot of my husband’s junk out of my office and other parts of the upstairs to the downstairs.

Also coming is a contractor we hope to hire to complete some projects around the house. First priorities are putting in a wood stove and replacing the scary spiral staircase that is so narrow that you literally can’t carry anything up or down the stairs without fear of falling.

We have also had some more hassles, because everything just seems to go wrong with us. Today we spent two hours in the social security office. But that is a story for another day.


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