Gigantic snowflakes and unexpected house painters

Yes, that’s a three-inch snowflake near the rail on the left.

There’s no way to show snow very well in a photo, so I tried to take a video for you of the snow that came down on Sunday afternoon. However, apparently my blog theme doesn’t support video. You can see the flakes in this photo, but you may not believe me when I tell you that at one point there were hundreds of snowflakes that were at least three inches in diameter. They looked like upside-down cocktail umbrellas falling from the sky. In the picture, you can see that one of them is bigger than the railing, but you can’t tell that most of them are that big. It was amazing.

On Monday, we had quite a surprise. The house painters showed up at 8 AM without warning. We knew they were going to start within a few weeks, but I had assumed that some other work would have to be done first. I also assumed that we would have warning. When I got to our contractor, he said he had told my husband last week. My husband has memory issues, so he never told me and then forgot. In fact, he has no recollection of being told, but I have no doubt he was.

Two walls of the kitchen are an unpleasant pinky red.
Two walls of the kitchen are an unpleasant pinky red.

The result was that we had to leap up and begin hauling things out of the rooms they wanted to start with instead of having time to put things in sensible places. Since they arrived at 8 AM, I still hadn’t washed my face or brushed my teeth, and since half of the toothbrush was promptly lost and the bathroom out of bounds, I still haven’t done that. This morning I was looking forward to taking a shower in the guest bathroom downstairs, but my shampoo is in the laundry room, where the cat is locked up for the day.

This violet wall is in the dining area--directly across from the red wall. Yes, it is.
This violet wall is in the dining area–directly across from the red wall. Yes, it is. Note also the charming use of green in the living room area.

In any case, despite the havoc, I am glad to be getting this done because I have been dreading the disruption. The house needs painting on the interior because of several reasons. The most prominent is the interesting color combinations throughout the house.

My niece and I discovered the secret to the myriad of colors in the house. We found a paint store color pallete, the kind that shows contrasting colors you can put together. The idea is that you pick a couple of these colors, one for your base color and one for accents. Unfortunately, the former owner of the house picked all of them. Luckily, she left most of the walls white. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the finished rooms.

The other problem is that four years ago, after we bought the house and were preparing it for renters, my niece and I tried to match the white paint in the house so that we could paint out scuff marks. Although we found the color swatches for the house, the paint had faded or something. Our first attempt was a color much darker than the original white, something that you can’t tell until the paint dries. We tried again and got a closer match, but if you look carefully at the walls, you can see blotches.

So, right now our house is in even more havoc than usual, but the guys are making good progress. They finished the bathrooms yesterday, although we won’t be able to use our main bathroom until later today. They did the ceilings in the back part of the house, and made good progress on the guest bedroom. (The color my eight-year-old niece picked is a shocking turquoise. Years from now, someone is going to be making fun of me for my color choice.) Today they are working on our bedroom and will finish up the back rooms of the house except the laundry room. Tomorrow, I would imagine they’ll start on my office and the living room, kitchen, and dining area. But next week when I get back to you, they’ll be done! Exterior house painting is to come, but they can’t start that until the weather clears up and we have several dry days in a row.


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