More snow and more work

Monday morning, 7 AM

You’re probably getting tired of hearing about snow, but I love it. After a soggy week of rain and a dusting of snow on Sunday, we awoke to this sight on Monday morning. Look at how the snow sticks to the branches. Of course, it was mostly melted by Monday afternoon, although we still have some patches here and there.

This amber wall in the dining area used to be violet.

We had a rough time with the painters last week. We spent several days shut in our bedroom while they isolated us with plastic and sprayed the rest of the house. It got really stinky when they did the office desk and shelves and the railing for the staircase.

You wouldn’t think it would be exhausting to sit on your bed and do nothing all day, but it is. I went out to run a few errands, and one day I went over to my niece’s house and had a nice, long conversation with her husband, who was babysitting instead of working so that she could have a day off. But mostly we were stuck in our room.

The kitchen walls are now all yellow instead of red.

The result, though, is a beautiful house. The weird wall colors I showed you in the last post are gone, as are all the blotches, discolorations, and marks. And the house has some lovely color. The violet wall in the dining area is now amber and the green wall next to it is the white I chose for the living room. Now, the walls in the kitchen that used to be red are yellow, along with the rest of the kitchen walls. Banana cream is the color. The bedrooms and bathrooms are different shades of green-blue, and the entryway is dark teal. The kids’ bedroom is bright turquoise, the choice of my great-niece.

Here are the guys working on the staircase.

That was a big accomplish-
ment for the week, but the other accomplish-ment was the work of our regular contractors. They put up the railings and banister for our new stairwell. I showed you the big hole two postings ago.

Our new stairwell, almost finished

My contractor has a habit of just doing things rather than presenting me with choices. This could be a bad thing but has so far worked out pretty well. The only things I’ve had to choose are colors. For the stairwell, he asked me what I wanted and I said I kind of liked the railings that were there on the scary spiral staircase. That staircase had oak rails with white spindles. So, that was all the conversation around that, and this is what we got, much more grand that I would have picked out myself, but really nice looking and substantial. Now all that remains is to finish the floor when the flooring comes in. The electrician is coming today to install the lights in the stairwell, among other things.

I am facing a huge job this week of cleaning all the rooms, since they are full of dust from the painters and woodworking. I didn’t get a start on it yesterday, as intended, because my sister talked me into helping her take the kids to the movies. The three-year-old had never been, so we bracketed the kids with the idea that I could stay watching the movie with the eight-year-old if the three-year-old got too restless and had to be removed. But he was pretty good. He got restless right at the end and came and sat in my lap. Both kids are my sister’s grandchildren.

It hasn’t been all work around here, though. On Saturday a local pub brought Dungeness crab in from the coast and had a Crab Feast. My husband and I went with my niece’s family and my sister. A great time was had by all. I just love crab. I had never had it fresh before.


6 thoughts on “More snow and more work”

  1. Congratulations, Kay!! The house looks beautiful – colors glorious –enjoy the results of your painstaking work, along with your beloved family and the snow!!! Your life is so full, thank you for thinking of us at all!!! Jaga

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  2. I’m glad you like the snow – so do I! And your house looks beautiful. I remember when we were getting our renos done and the kids were 4, 6, and 8. There were many times that we just played/sat/read upstairs in one of the bedrooms for hours. I would brings snacks up and everything. It got pretty monotonous. But it was all worth it!


    1. Yikes! With three kids! That must have been fun. We had our issues just with two animals. One morning our cat got out of the bedroom and we found her hiding in a pile of furniture covered by plastic. The guys scared her out of there and we didn’t see her for the rest of the day. We think she was hiding under the stairs.

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