Power to the people (or not)

Friday we had our longest power outage yet. Of course, the generator is not yet hooked up. My prediction is that as soon as it is, we’ll never have a power failure again.

I woke up Friday morning because our HEPA filter and humidifier turned off. The wind was blowing like the dickens. At one point the top of a dead tree blew right off and landed in our pond as I was watching. Our power was off for the next 19 or 20 hours.

I made a city slicker error early on. I was figuring on how much hot water we probably had and took a shower. I forgot that our well has an electric pump, so the next thing I knew, we were out of water. Luckily, or it would have been a very unpleasant day, the power came back on briefly within the hour. That was enough to get our water pressure back up. We had our lanterns and our wood stove, and our cooking stove works off propane, so we were relatively comfortable. It was a long, boring day, though, and I can tell you right now that I hate reading with a headlamp. To break up the monotony, we invited my sister out to lunch and made a trip to the hardware store. I bought suet for the birds. My husband bought stuff for his new riding lawnmower. My sister bought bean seeds.

There was not much going on this week in relation to our work on the house. The contractors came out on Thursday to finish up odds and ends, which included installing a closet door in the bedroom (the previous owner apparently removed both the mirrored sliding closet doors from two bedrooms to use in her dance studio as mirrors–crazy when you realize that mirrors cost a lot less than closet doors–then she took them with her), putting the hardware on the door to the basement, filling the holes in the ceiling next to the new lights, and finishing the flooring in the new closet.

Other than that, my job was to go to the design center and pick out vinyl for some rooms that have worn vinyl. We have vinyl only in the small toilet area of the master bathroom, in the half bath, and in the laundry room. We also need something on the floor of the new closet under the stairs. We decided not to go into a big expense for these small areas and just replace the vinyl.

Unfortunately, I figured out as I looked through the samples that I hate vinyl. That’s because all of it is trying to look like wood or stone, and it’s not wood or stone. I didn’t mind so much the vinyl that tried to look like tile, but that does not seem to be the fashion these days. Also, because everything is trying to look like wood or stone, the colors are so dreary. I really don’t like brown or beige or tan. Gray is about as far as I will go. If it was actually stone, that would be different.

So, I asked about linoleum, which is apparently no longer used as a flooring term, and found out about marmoleum or marmorette. That’s that old fashioned speckled stuff that is often used in stores. It’s not trying to look like anything except linoleum. And that’s what we’re looking at. It comes in lots of colors, too.

Hillary, during her more calm moments of assisting the bed-making process

So, I spent a lot of the week lollygagging—there didn’t seem to be much else we could do on Friday, for example, and cleaning up the house. I made the beds on Monday, and was assisted in this activity by my cat Hillary.

And oh, yes, my first drawing class was Wednesday. At first, my sister and I weren’t sure what we thought. My small experiences with art classes have been with those that have a set start and end date, but at this art school, classes just continue. That works okay if you are already a student, but wasn’t handled so well with us, the new students. When we came in, everyone was sitting there working on projects. There was a mix of mostly older women and children, because of spring break. The students were at all levels, and some of their work looked really good to me.

However, my sister and I didn’t know what to do. We found seats and just waited for the teacher to pay attention to us. She was making the rounds from student to student, and it took her 20 minutes to get to us. Once she did, things worked out much better. She gave us an exercise to try to draw a set of mathematical solids. Later she came by and gave us hints to correct them. My shapes were okay, for example, but I made my shadows too short. My sister needed to round out the bottom of her cone. Later she showed us how to use our charcoal to do shading and other tools to blend and put in light spots. So, all in all, we saw her four or five times during the class.

Since my sister had complained that her only other class involved no instruction, I was a little worried about this slow start, but all was okay. She told me as we were leaving that she would like to stay in the drawing class for a while instead of moving into painting. I said that was okay with me. In short, we had fun and learned something!


3 thoughts on “Power to the people (or not)”

  1. It’s no fun when the power goes out for a long time. I can handle no lights and no stove for a while, but I hate no water.
    My cat likes to “help” make the bed, too! I usually end up abandoning it until he’s gone and then I sneak back in. 🙂


    1. She won’t leave! I guess she thinks entertainment is in store. Since we moved, she has spent most of her time in our bedroom and won’t come out at all if anyone else besides us is in the house. But she loves making the bed.

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