Indian summer gives way

Last week was beautiful, with warm sunny days and cold nights. We started using our wood stove in the mornings and some evenings. The leaves were turning. Yesterday, however, it was cold and overcast all day, and it rained all evening.

The fall color at June Lake. The waterfall is off to the right.

For our hike last Wednesday, my neighbor and I tried to go to Lava Canyon, which is at the end of the road up in the Mt. St. Helens area of Gifford Pinchot National Forest. When we got to the point of the road where there was only Lava Canyon left, however, we were turned back by a ranger. He said they were doing a search and rescue in the area. I don’t remember hearing anything about it on the news, so they must have found the person. We drove a couple miles back down the road and took the June Lake trail, which I took with my family during the summer. It wasn’t as tough as I remembered, probably because I wasn’t trying to keep up with my family.

My sister and I skipped out of the Weight Watchers meeting to go to a nearby bookstore and look for ideas for paintings. We ended up buying a couple of scenic calendars, and I bought a book and a hat. My art teacher and I picked the subject of my next painting, a picture of Mt. St. Michel. My teacher warned me that it would take me a long time to paint this picture, but when I pointed out that in a year I had only painted three pictures, she nodded and said okay.

My great nephew with his gigantic sundae.

On the weekend, my husband and I attended my great nephew’s fifth birthday party, which was at a pizza restaurant. For dessert, we had these truly decadent frozen custard sundaes. Yes, I had one, too. I doubt if my weigh-in this week is going to be that great.

It looks like Lukey might be almost house trained. No accidents this week until last night, when it was raining. We would take him out and he would want to come right back in, tent notwithstanding. He had been ringing the bell incessantly, and then he stopped. Then just before we were ready to take him out before bedtime, he had both kinds of accidents.

Other than that, we have been preparing for my niece and sister’s annual Halloween bash. I haven’t done much of anything but line up the things I need to make my food contribution. I’ll take pictures and report next week. It’s a potluck, but the tradition is to bring spooky food. I think mine is going to be pretty cool. On Friday, I’m supposed to go over there and help carve pumpkins.

At art class I finished painting the first coat of my flowers, and now I am doing final touches on them and on the shadows in my painting.


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