It finally snowed!

Here’s a view of our orchard on Tuesday morning. The road off to the left is the single-lane gravel road into our neighborhood.

All week we had snow forecast, and each day they put if off for a couple days later. Finally, on Sunday afternoon we had a little snow, and by Monday some had accumulated in blotches. But when we awakened on Tuesday, we had the winter wonderland that seems to be almost the default when we have snow here. Luke had never seen snow before, and he humped his back and sort of hopped around in it like a demented rabbit.  He got pretty wild, in fact. I think that meant he enjoyed it.

Luke running around by the pond

I took him around the property, and I intended to walk him down to my niece, Katrina’s, house, since I knew the kids had a snow day. However, when we went out, I realized he had his regular collar on, not his prong collar. He is off-leash around our property but not allowed on the road without his leash. But I can’t handle him on a leash without his prong collar as he is very strong, and he pulls.

Later on that day, Luke and I drove over to visit the kids. They were delighted and threw on their outdoor clothing. Luke was bouncing around in the snow so much that when the youngest went out, he bounced into him and knocked him over. However, I made the mistake of trying to go inside the house to visit with my niece. Instead of playing with the kids, he stood by the front door and looked in. This is a problem with him. We can’t let him out and have him occupy himself. He keeps waiting for me or Wayne to come out. Once one of us is out, then he occupies himself very well, but he wants company. We tried to see if he would run off and play with the kids, but I finally had to go out with him, and by then the kids were doing their own thing.

Last Wednesday, my sister and one of my hiking buddies and I tried to go for an easy hike out in the Yacolt Burn Forest. However, the signage at the trailhead was confusing, and we ended up on the wrong trail. The one we went on was mostly uphill, but luckily it had lots of switchbacks, which made it easier for me than if it had just been straight uphill. I could still have gone on when we had to turn back, because our friend had a vet appointment that afternoon. It was a nice day, and we saw some good views. If you’re interested in it, you can read about it on Fat Girls. When we got back was when we realized that the trail was actually closed for construction, but we didn’t notice anything going on while we were on the trail.

In art class, I started putting details on the buildings in my painting while my sister began working on her first oil painting. She says the medium is very different from acrylic, and I know she sometimes finds it frustrating. But she says she thinks she’s going to like it.

And that’s about it except that my niece, Áine, received her first acceptance to college yesterday. Yay!


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