Yep, it snowed

Starting with the weather report, after some beautiful days earlier in the week, it snowed on Friday and Saturday. We just had a dusting of snow on Friday, but on Friday night to Saturday morning we must have had at least two inches. That didn’t stop my niece and her husband from coming over to put together my raised bed kit that day. They worked in the garage while I baby sat their kids inside. They didn’t want our help because they said they were so good at putting kits together by themselves. They are so sweet to us.

My niece and her husband building my raised beds. Note the snow.

We had a debate about exactly where to place the beds. The general placement was always to put it where the old shed thing used to be at the edge of the driveway. But half of that space was covered by patio bricks. Originally, we planned to remove all the patio bricks except those down the aisle of the beds, but my husband thought we could put it right on the bricks. We also had a debate about which direction to face it, because the bricks were situated perfectly for the beds to go sideways on them, but I wanted to maximize their exposure to sunlight, which meant putting them the other way. However, my niece and her husband thought the bricks weren’t level enough, which would put pressure on odd points of the beds. So, we put the beds behind the patio bricks directly on the bed of gravel, facing the way I wanted them to go and putting them even more centered into the space with the most sunlight, which leaves a nice patio in front for a couple of chairs.

My completed raised beds with the patio in front

Anyway, I think my beds look beautiful. They are solid cedar. I have already ordered the garden mix dirt to be delivered to my house tomorrow, so I guess I’ll be shoveling for the rest of the week, which is supposed to be clear.

For our walk this week, we tried a trail through the Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area. To our surprise, this area was smack dab in the middle of a rather prosperous suburban development. However, once you got into the thick cedar forest, there was almost no trace of the houses except for a few glimpses. The cedar forest was beautiful. The trail, although nicely kept in some places, was very muddy in other places. I had to share my neighbor’s hiking poles again to keep from falling down, which was enough to make me order some of my own as soon as we got home. That trail wasn’t very long. It was supposedly only 1.3 miles. We originally planned to walk it twice, but it took so long to navigate the mud that we did not.

In art class, I finished working on the sky for my landscape and began working on the sea. The class seems to be getting too full of children, but I know from experience that the number of children varies wildly from time to time. Next week is spring break, so there will probably be hardly any children there.



We think it’s spring, but maybe not

I’ll start out by telling you about something I forgot from last week. It was a date with my nine-year-old great niece for a sleepover in “her” bedroom. She wanted to bake, and although this did not accord with my Weight Watchers regime, we made mug cakes and peach pie. We started with the peach pie, which she claimed she had never had. I had her help with every step, including making a lattice top, to show her how easy it is. We used peaches that I bought last summer and froze. Then while it was baking, we made the mug cakes. Since she made me one, I of course had to eat it, and then we all had pie. I just had a narrow slice of it, no more than an inch wide, although it pained me to do so, and then we sent it home with her the next day (although by then my husband and great niece had eaten half of it). We finished off the evening with some brisk games of dominoes.

By the way, I joined Weight Watchers with my sister, and we are both doing well. I have lost more than 15 pounds since late January.

For our walk last week, my neighbor and I used the Trails app to try to find a loop around Battle Ground Lake. There were two, actually, but the start of the outer loop was hard to find, so we inadvertently ended up on the inner loop. The outer loop is actually the one that is reviewed in the app as fit for walking dogs and taking strollers. The inner loop is a forest path with lots of ups and downs and rough terrain that went right along the lake. That would have been okay except it was very wet. Almost the first thing I did was slip in the mud and fall down. I don’t do down very well, usually, but we had my neighbor’s hiking sticks, and that helped me get back up. Later, we had to crawl under some trees that had fallen across the path. Altogether, it was way more rough than I was used to, still being a beginning hiker. As we exited the loop, we came upon the other end of the outer loop, with people with their strollers walking along! According to the app, we walked (climbed, crawled) about 2.5 miles.

This could get interesting, because while I primarily care about getting more exercise, my neighbor used to be a hearty outdoors woman and sees us eventually hiking rugged paths in the Gorge. (The kind of paths I never hiked even when I was young and slim and fearless, although I probably would have liked to, I just never did.) Although I would like to hike in the Gorge, I have much more modest goals in mind. When I commented on the rough path, she said, “If we are going to hike in the Gorge, we’ll have to hike paths like that.” She already told me one story about being a speed hiker and how one time she was hiking so quickly in Yosemite that she hiked right past a bear without seeing it. Luckily, she has since slowed down to look at the scenery.

Thursday is the day for our Weight Watchers meeting, and my sister and I usually celebrate afterwards by going out to eat. We didn’t think we would be going that night, because my sister had to work after the meeting. But she got put on standby during the meeting, so we went to this really wonderful Greek restaurant in Battle Ground called George’s Molón Lavé. I had moussaka (not having had any for years) and my sister had the delicious lamb chops that I enjoyed the first time my husband and I went. All things considered, I vote for the lamb chops.

On Friday, I happened to ask my sister if she wanted to go in to the Crafts Warehouse with me, where I needed to buy a frame for my bird painting (my husband decided we should frame it—now I just need to find somewhere insignificant to hang it) and some linseed oil. She said it was her errand day, so we spent the entire day out. We bought dirt, chicken feed, stuff at Costco, veggies and fruit at Chuck’s, and linseed oil and a frame. At the art store she picked up some kits, because she has art class with my great niece every week and likes to do different things.

Saturday was very busy. First, I went with my sister and my niece to the Japanese nursery in Woodland. They bought several trees and some tropical plants for a terrarium for my great nephew’s new pet corn snake. (The kids’ pets tend to be unusual, because their mother is severely allergic to cats and dogs. They have a lizard, a snake, and two ferrets.) I bought a bare roots lilac bush to replace the one my husband mowed over last spring and a plum tree for our orchard.

Later in the day, we all (except my husband, the party pooper), went to see A Wrinkle in Time. It was fairly good, although much more of a kid’s movie than one for an adult. But it was for a particular age range of kids, as we found when my four-year-old great nephew ended up having to be taken out of the theater by his dad. His dad later said that he said, “I wish this movie was over!” Of course, it was full length, so it’s also probably the first full-length movie he’s ever seen, his previous experience being with animated movies, which are usually shorter. My great niece, however, thought it was wonderful although “not as good as the book.”

One thing that struck me right away, although my memory of the book is not very good, was that they went a long way to make the movie inclusive, even having Charles Wallace be adopted just so he could be oriental (he wasn’t adopted in the book, was he?), but the setting was Southern California all the way. Hollywood, big news flash—the entire population of the United States does not live in suburban Southern California. My recollection, which could be faulty, places the original story in New England. But I DO remember that they lived out in the country. One of the first things my great niece said when she came out was “They lived on a hill way out in the country. That wasn’t right.” So, if you want to be inclusive, Hollywood, how about including a few other parts of the country in your kid’s movies?

My new little lilac bush next to the small daffodils. In the top right corner of the picture is the very start of the pond. You probably can’t tell from this photo that the lilac is at the edge of a steep slope. Over on the top left are the stairs that lead from the lower drive down to the lower orchard.

Sunday was the start of a run of beautiful cool but sunny days. I went out and planted my bare roots lilac bush, trying to choose a place where my husband was unlikely to run over it with the lawnmower. I chose to put it next to the daffodils near the lower drive on the edge of the slope that goes down to the wolf pen and the pond. That little swath of land next to the sidewalk and drive (outside the lower level of the house) gets more sun than the orchard, because my daffodils are up there and the ones in the orchard are still hiding their flowers.

Over the last few days, we have planted some more trees (two blue spruces and a maple tree) and cleared off the area where my raised beds are going to go. I hope to begin putting them together soon. My niece said she thought her husband could help on the weekend, but they are very busy, so I would rather start doing it than wait for their help.

In art class, I finished tracing my landscape and spent the class painting sky and clouds.

But what does my title to this post mean? It means snow is forecast for Friday and Saturday. The forecast has been pretty steady, too. Over the winter, we often had snow forecast for a week later only to have it turn to a forecast of rain by the time the day came. But for the last week, the forecast has been snow on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and only today did it change to just Friday and Saturday. The Portland forecast says snow at 1500 feet and higher, and we are at 1000, but the local forecast on my phone is usually more accurate for us than the one from Portland. We’ll see.



Getting back to normal

Earlier last week, it was so snowy that a few of my regularly scheduled activities were cancelled or I didn’t go. By Friday, however, the roads were almost back to normal. We dropped my sister off in town to pick up her car at the shop and then drove to the airport to pick up my great niece and her father from their trip to Disneyland. She was still flushed with excitement. They had a great time. When we got them home, my niece had just arrived back from the water park, where she took my great nephew.

Here is my bird from back last year with just the first background layer.

When I arrived at their house the next morning to pick up my great niece for tai kwan do as usual, though, she was in her pajamas. Everyone had forgotten, so she had to rush to get ready.

That afternoon, the Northwood Pub in Battle Ground had its annual Crab Feast. We all went. We love crab. It was a good time. They had a band there playing some kind of old fashioned music. Usually live music bothers my husband, who has tinnitus, but this wasn’t as loud. We enjoyed it.

My neighbor and I rescheduled our walk from Wednesday to Tuesday. We walked roughly four miles at Moulton Falls Park. It was a gorgeous day, one of the few sunny days we have had all winter. There was no snow left in the park, although we still have some in patches around our yard and in the orchard.

Here is my finished bird.

I got back about a half hour before it was time to leave for my art class. In art class, I finally finished my picture! My instructor had me dabbing at this and that all during the class time until nearly the end. Then she told me to sign it, which is the indication that it is done. Here’s a photo of it. I believe the last time I showed it, I had just finished the first coating of the background, which was purple. You can see that coating that purple with a warm brown glaze turned it a beautiful gray. I would never have expected it, which tells me I have a lot to learn about colors.


Quite the snowy week

I have no pictures for you today, unless you want to see our slushy, icy driveway. We had a week of snow almost every day, for a total of 10 inches by Wednesday or Thursday. Last Wednesday, we were able to get out to do our errands and found that once we came down out of the hills, the roads weren’t bad. But we kept put after that until Saturday morning, when we went to pick up my great niece for her tai kwan do class. An interesting difference between here and Michigan, where I grew up, is that people don’t shovel their driveways here. They just wait for the snow to melt. Well, in this case, the snow hasn’t quite melted yet, and getting up the hill in our driveway can be quite an adventure. You need a running start. When we encountered my niece’s huge but unshoveled driveway, we did a little skidding around trying to get back out. It was clear that only one car had driven down their driveway the whole time, which would have been my sister’s, and her tracks were filled with about three inches of snow. My niece and her husband were raised in California and don’t feel comfortable driving in snow, even though her husband has studded snow tires. He has to, because of his work as an appraiser.

My sister, in fact, was stranded in Portland for part of the week, as that’s where she works as a maternity nurse on the night shift. She spent the day at a coworker’s house and didn’t come home until Friday. On Saturday, she showed up at our house and told us that she had been on the way here when she pulled over on our one-lane road to make room for a truck and her car just slid off the road into the ditch. The truck driver, one of our neighbors, didn’t even stop to help. We went down and helped her get her car out of the ditch, at which point she parked it in our orchard entrance and said she was leaving it there until the snow melted. Then she walked home. She didn’t come get it until Monday afternoon.

We already had a plan for handling a trip out of town by my niece’s husband and great niece. As a surprise, my great niece’s father was taking her to Disneyland this week. Her little brother was staying home with my niece, who was going to take him to a nearby resort that has an indoor water park, as they had heard from her husband’s sister that their own children, who are about the same ages, had problems because the younger boy wasn’t old enough to go on lots of the rides. Anyway, the original plan was for them to leave my great nephew with us on Tuesday morning to babysit while my niece took the others to the airport, so that she could have the car with studded snow tires, since more snow is forecast. Then, we are picking them up at the airport on Friday so that my niece doesn’t have to hurry back from the resort.

However, we got an early wake-up call from my niece’s husband that day. My niece had been up all night with stomach pains. Could we drive them to the airport? I had to throw on my clothes and we were at their house in a half hour. All was well, though, and we got them to the airport on time. My great niece was really excited to learn where she was going, as it was a secret until they were on their way to the airport. She won’t miss any school, as she goes to school on Mondays and Thursdays, and Thursday is a teacher training day or something. She’ll just miss a few days of lessons with her mother.

Last night I went to art class again. I thought about taking a picture of my painting, as it is almost done. But I decided to wait until it was finished. I always enjoy my class and was upset with myself last week for not going. It had been snowing all day up here, which was why I decided not to go, but it was so much worse later in the week that I realized I could have gone. The problem is the ride back, which is all along two-lane country roads at night.  I was worried it would be slippery. But I made that trip last night with no problems.

I finally heard about the library job, and I did not make the cut for the interviews. I’m hoping this means that they had internal folks in mind for the job rather than they thought I flunked the assessment. The assessment I took was quite a strange one. The first part was sorting a cart of books, which I did in a weird way (I took the books off the cart, sorted them, and put them back on) but it was correct, which I think was the point. The second part was an easy computer test, where I had to look up a URL and then enter in information about a person from a sheet of paper. Then I had to look up information about a book that wasn’t yet published.

The third part was a written test, and it had its problems. Although by and large it was easy, almost a dumb guy test, it wasn’t well constructed. The first question was to identify a passage showing alliteration. As I have two degrees in English, I know perfectly well what alliteration is, but there was no good example of alliteration in the test. There was an example of assonance (some people confuse the two), and there were two passages with exactly two repetitions of a consonant apiece. The other choice was just a throw-in. I had no idea which choice they considered the “correct” answer. Then there were a few other questions where the answer was ambiguous, and in one case, I picked two answers and explained why, which for some people would mean I got it wrong. It depends upon how literal the person is who was grading the test. I think I overthought some of the answers. The final part was a bunch of synopses of articles, where I had to indicate which article would be the place where I would refer a patron for information. That part was easy. Oh well.

Lately, I have been noticing a large bird around our house that looks a lot like a robin but isn’t. It has much more of a golden orange tummy and some more speckled coloring than a robin does. I finally looked it up, and it is a varied thrush. We don’t have any cardinals here, and I miss them.

And that brings me to the little squirrel and the apple. We had a wizened apple sitting around here, and instead of putting it in the composter, I decided to leave it out for the birds. So, I took it out by the bird feeder. But it had been a snowy couple of days, and when I dropped it, it made a hole in the snow and disappeared. I figured someone would find it sometime.

Two days later, I was looking out the window and I saw a small squirrel with its head in the snow. Sure enough, it came tugging that apple out of the snow. The apple was at the edge of our driveway, which is where there is a slope up to some woods that our neighbors own. He began tugging the apple up the slope. He got about halfway, the apple was about as big as he was, when he lost his grip and the apple rolled down the slope. He went off and did something else, but a little later, I saw him pulling that apple up the slope again. I didn’t know what he was going to do, because the slope gets steeper the higher it goes, but he cleverly ate some pieces out of the apple and then pulled it into a rocky cavity about halfway up that is the top part of a water feature on the landscaped slope. That was all for him and the apple until the next day.

The next day, I saw that the apple was sitting halfway up the slope again. I think another squirrel or a raccoon or large bird might have stolen the little guy’s apple. Sure enough, he came out again, and started tugging the apple up the slope. This time, because we’d had a mixture of rain and snow, when he lost his grip and the apple rolled down the hill, it got covered with snow like it does when you roll snow for a snowman. Finally, he stopped tugging on it, and I saw that he was disappearing and coming back repeatedly. I realized that he had made holes in the snow where a big blob indicates our lavender bush, and he was popped in and out from under the bush. He was biting off pieces of the apple and carrying them through the snow under the lavender. After a little while, he disappeared with the rest of the apple into the lavender bush.

The only other thing I have to tell you this week is going to sound silly. It’s about my cat, Hillary (named after Sir Edmund Hillary, in case you were wondering). Last night we were watching a TV program that’s sort of a cross between a travel and photography program. The host is a photographer who travels to remote areas of the world to take pictures, and while he tells about the places he travels to, he also gives tips about how he’s setting up his shots. Anyway, Hillary started watching TV. She does this sometimes but usually only for a minute or two. This program was about Alaska and they were showing grizzly bears. Now I can understand her getting interested in birds, which they also showed, but I don’t really understand why she would be interested in bears. She was clearly getting excited at times, and she would look at the edges and top of the TV screen as if she was expecting the bear to emerge from the side or top of the television when it got to the edge of the screen. She watched TV for at least fifteen minutes before she lost interest. I find that truly amazing.



8.5 inches of snow!

This is what 8.5 inches of snow looks like on our deck.

I think my Facebook friends might be getting tired of my snow pictures, but it’s been very snowy here, especially for an area that doesn’t usually get snow in February. It snowed all day yesterday and all day Sunday, and this morning we awakened to 8.5 inches of new snow!

Of course, this has meant that most of the things I had scheduled for this week are cancelled. I missed art class this week for the first time ever, and our Wednesday walk is cancelled. However, my husband and I are going to try to drive out around noon, because more snow is forecast for tonight and the weekend, and we need to pick up some food. I should have gone out yesterday, because the snow was localized to our area and wasn’t falling heavily at the time, but I saw several pictures of accidents on the local Facebook page, so I stayed in. But we have a lot more snow now.

The other side of our deck in the early morning

Last week, my neighbor and I went down to Lewisville Park again and attempted to walk the loop in the other direction, hoping we wouldn’t lose it this time. We did, but we made it around most of the way before losing the track. We walked about 2.5 miles.

On Sunday, when it was snowing heavily, I walked over to my niece’s house and arrived looking like the Abominable Snowman. They had quite the laugh when I came to the door. My great-niece had put a bucket out on the back porch that morning, and she brought it in with three or four inches of snow in it. Up until then, it had snowed a couple of times this year and then melted by the next day. But it looks like we are in for at least a week of snow on and off.

The huge tree on the ridge in front of our house. It towers over our front windows and I hope will never fall down.

I haven’t heard anything about the library job, and I don’t know if that’s because they are behind on their proposed schedule or I’m not going forward in the hiring process. Since the job was only advertised for a week, it’s entirely possible that they had someone in mind for it all along. They originally told us we would hear something by the end of last week, so it doesn’t look good.

My husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and our trip out today is for him to get a C-PAP device. I hope I am never diagnosed with that, because that will probably be the last night of sleep I get. I can’t imagine anything worse than trying to sleep with a mask on my face. I am a bad sleeper, and I have never been able to sleep if I was at all uncomfortable.

That’s about it for this week except to say that my husband is out shoveling snow. One of the things he said to me before we were married was that he hoped never to shovel snow again. Whoops!

A beautiful, white Valentine’s Day surprise

This is what I woke to this morning. A view of the end of our deck with our covered patio furniture, our hummingbird feeder, and some nice trees

This is what I awoke to this beautiful Valentine’s Day morning. Lately, we have had some clear, cold days, gorgeous weather, but except for the temperature going down, I was inclined to think winter was over. My sister was remarking that her bulbs had already started to come up. Snow was forecast for this morning, but last night the weather guy over in Portland was saying that snow would reach pass levels, which usually means three or four thousand feet, not one thousand. But here it is, the thick, sticky kind. Unfortunately, it is already melting, and it’s supposed to be raining by ten. (But it is ten now, and it’s not, so maybe we’ll get to keep it a while. I wrote the sentence before around eight.)

At the edge of the orchard on the road. Our house is back in the distance up the hill. You can just barely see the roof line next to the large fir tree.

My husband got back out of bed a little while ago, and we walked down the driveway to take pictures of the snow. It was gorgeous. We saw one of our neighbor kids with a pickup out in his yard, slewing around on the course that they made for their ATV. He looked stuck. Later, he came down the road. We thought he was going to pass us, but he apparently came down just to see if we needed help.

Schools are cancelled up here in northern Clark County, and so is our long walk. But I am just going to have to go out in this again, if only to the end of the road.

Last week, my neighbor and I went back to Moulton Falls for our long walk. We went to another entrance to the park. Our original intention was to go about two miles along the river and then turn back, but we turned back a little earlier. I think we walked about 3.6 miles.

Our road. The creek to the right is not on our property, but it goes under the road just there and comes out in a little cataract on the other side, then goes into our pond.

This week the kit for my raised beds was delivered, and we made arrangements with our contractors to take down the top of the shed thing, what our contractor calls the carport. We’re leaving the side beams to fasten fencing to, as we’ll need something to protect the garden from the deer and other critters. So, I hope not to miss this year’s planting season. We also might add an extra area behind the garden for chickens, although now we’re talking about making the wolf pen smaller and putting chickens in there instead.

My husband went for his sleep assessment Monday night. I thought maybe I’d sleep better for having the whole bed to myself and Hillary, the cat, since he tends to take up more than his half. But I did not. I’m not sure if my lack of sleep was because he wasn’t in the house for the first time since we moved here or because of my assessment the next day. I am a poor sleeper, so anything out of the ordinary can keep me awake.

Yesterday was my assessment for the library job, and we are supposed to hear about the “next steps” by Friday. More on that later, after I hear whether I got the job.

Art class was after the assessment, and I made good progress on my bird. It’s possible I will finish my picture next week or the week after. When I got to class, I saw that someone had broken out both the front door and the window. They were covered with plywood. The receptionist said that someone broke in the back door late Monday night. From the camera, he appeared to be a homeless person. He didn’t steal anything, just sat in a chair for a while. Then he took the fire extinguisher and busted the door and window and left. Everyone in the school was shocked, but at least he didn’t do anything worse.

I’m looking forward to a lovely relaxed day with nowhere to go and nothing special to do. Maybe I’ll do the laundry a day early.

The weather guys get it wrong

Our driveway at 8 AM Thursday. You can see the snow is still coming down.

Snow was forecast for Thursday night and all day Friday last week. When I got out of bed Thursday morning at 8 AM, I thought to myself, it is light out, good. That means it isn’t raining, and we can go for our walk. Then I opened the curtains to see that it was snowing. Even the more recent forecast for our area showed that it wouldn’t snow until 11 AM, and our local weather station in Portland was saying there would be snow at 5,000 feet and up. We are at almost exactly 1,000 feet.

At first, my neighbor seemed reluctant to walk in the snow, which tempted me much more than the usual drizzly weather, but after I suggested we go walking farther down in the valley, where there probably wasn’t any snow. She said, “Oh, let’s just go.” In any case, at the park by Moulton Falls where we chose to walk, there wasn’t any snow, just puddles. I guess it is just far enough lower in altitude that it didn’t get snowed on.

It was a gray day, and drippy, but it was a nice day to walk. There weren’t very many people in the park until we met a group of about 30 who were in a Portland hiking club for seniors. I told them we were the Yacolt hiking club for seniors.

The view from the walking bridge over the East Fork of the Lewis River in Moulton Falls Park

We didn’t pay any attention to how far we walked or how long, although we were getting a little tired on the way back. What was my surprise to find that we walked nearly five miles and were gone more than three hours!

Here is a picture I snapped on our way back to the car. You can see that it’s a gray, foggy day. We got wet but only had to walk through a few puddles.

Today we are going walking again, I hope. So far, the weather is gloomy but not raining.

Another thing that happened Thursday was that the chimney sweeps were due out. In the morning, I asked my husband whether we shouldn’t call them and tell them that we had snow, as often we have it when the valley containing the larger towns and cities doesn’t, and workers arrive to be unpleasantly surprised. He said rather scoffingly that they didn’t care about snow. Well, the first thing they said when they arrived was, “We can’t go out on your roof. We’ll have to come back.” Our roof is rather steep, after all. So, Friday they came back, and we have had our stove burning merrily ever since.

Also on Thursday I went with my sister to Weight Watchers. I belonged years ago and managed to lose quite a bit of weight, but never gained my goal weight and just maintained my weight for over a year, which got discouraging. As soon as I quit counting everything I ate, I gained all of it back and more. Since I had almost weighed the same for many years, that scared me into thinking I shouldn’t diet again. But since then I have gained a lot of weight, so I’m trying again. We’ll see how it goes.

On Saturday we had plans to meet my Portland friend by taking the train into the Gateway station. She was going to pick us up there and take us on a tour of Russian grocery stores. However, I felt sick all Friday night, and my husband woke up complaining of being sick, too, so I cancelled. I had a runny nose and sore throat from stuff going down it, and I was worried about the flu. However, after several doses of hot lemon and some Nyquil the next night, I woke up on Sunday feeling fine. My nose still runs sometimes, so I can only think it might be an allergy. Our expedition to Portland is postponed to this weekend.

On Sunday we were invited to my niece’s house for dinner to help consume the prime rib that came with the beef they buy in bulk. I think my niece and sister divide a half steer, and that feeds them beef for quite some time. Dinner was delicious. I brought roasted beans and asparagus.

Finally, last night we met our new art teacher. She is not Theresa, as I had feared, but a new teacher. So far, it’s difficult to tell how good a teacher she will be as she was just observing. I spent the evening trying to paint my bird. I felt fairly frustrated, as my bird has lots of brown markings on whitish feathers. I thought I was just painting blobs. It’s at times like this that require patience that I fall down on the job, having no patience at all.